Tuesday, September 05, 2006


911 is the number most of us are familiar with calling if we set our house on fire while trying to cook a grilled cheese, or somebody breaks into our home in the middle of the night to discuss the idea of wealth redistribution. In other words, it is number that is dialed when we are in serious need of help. 911 may be great for saving your life, but will do very little to help your online poker game. Gambling911.com is where you go when you’re in desperate need of help playing Hold’em in cyberspace.
As one of the most trusted places to go for honest, unbiased reviews of the products associated with the Texas Hold’em industry, we were pleased when Jenny Woo of Gambling911.com featured Pokerbility in her column.
Jenny’s columns are always entertaining, and it was impressive how she worked a “Hillbilly” reference into a piece about odds calculators, but at the heart of her article she points out how Pokerbility can immediate elevate a novice to the level of master in any game of online Hold’em.
In the words of Ms. Woo herself, “Pokerbility.com is the equivalent of having your own ESPN odds calculator seen in the corner of the television screen during the World Series of poker allowing amateur and mid-level players learn the game faster and play more effectively.”
This is high praise from a trusted, unbiased source. We are pleased that the industry recognized the value on our product and how it can help the average online player.